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Types of Fitness

Types and Importance of Fitness

Fitness is a term that causes many of us to wince at the idea of going to the gym.  However, staying fit is very important to our longevity and our overall health.  Not only is physical health important, mental and emotional health is also very necessary to live a long, happy, healthy life.  Physical, emotional, and mental fitness actually work together to create a healthy lifestyle – when one of these parts of a person is not healthy it can negatively effect the other parts.

Physical Fitness

The importance of physical fitness cannot be overstated.  Being physically fit has been linked to helping to prevent many types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and nearly every physical ailment a person can think of.  Physical fitness not only prevents ailments, it also makes a person feel healthier and is generally associated with longevity in a person’s lifespan.

Being physically fit can help to improve a person’s coordination, balance, endurance, flexibility, strength, agility, and physical appearance.  Increasing one’s physical fitness can also have positive effects on a person’s mental and emotional fitness as well.

Physical fitness can be categorized into cardio (aerobic) and strength training.  In order to be physically fit a person must address both aerobic and strength training.  Not only are they both necessary, they actually compliment each other.  By doing strength training on your legs for example, you can increase your endurance while running and vice-versa.

Mental and Emotional Fitness

Mental and emotional fitness are very important as well.  By becoming more physically fit, a person may actually be able to increase their emotional and mental well-being.  This is due to the effect being physically fit can have to your entire body.

However, no matter how physically fit a person is, if they are not emotionally and mentally fit they will likely not feel good.  Although physical fitness will have a positive impact on a person’s mental and emotional well-being, sometimes this effect is not sufficient to counter other effects in a person’s life.  Also, emotional and mental issues may affect how much a person keeps up with his or her physical health.

Mental and emotional problems may include depression and other mental disorders.  This type of problem may also not be due to illness, instead it may stem from other issues such as an unsatisfactory home environment or work environment.  Whatever the cause, mental and emotional health is very important and should be given attention.  Certainly staying physically fit is part of staying mentally and emotionally healthy.

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